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News: Board minutes – NOT APPROVED

Loft Theatre Company
Board of Trustee Directors

Minutes of meeting held Saturday 17 November 2012
at 10:30am at the Loft Theatre


Present: Michael Rayns (Chair), Harry Sanders, James Wolstenholme, Sue Wilkinson, Chris Foyer, Dawn Morris, Richard Pemberton, Sue Hamilton, Tim Willis.

  1. Apologies and declarations of interest
    Apologies: Elspeth Dales, Amy Baker.
    Declarations of interest: None

  2. Minutes of the previous meeting:

  3. Matters and actions arising from the previous minutes

    1. PAT Testing – HS is to contact electrician re PAT Testing given the preparatory work carried out last year.

  4. Chairman: Introductory remarks
    Meetings with Warwick District Council are continuing. WDC have employed a regeneration officer, Duncan Elliot, who is responsible for coordinating any redevelopment plans. The board endorsed continued dialogue with WDC parties and await specific details of any proposal.

  5. Treasurer: Financial report
    After The History Boys the LTC production budget is £1,684 ahead of forecast and West Side Story is already 60% sold. A discussion ensued about the link between play choice and booking volume and, without additional marketing support, these productions have sold well on name alone. It was agreed that booking for Calendar Girls should go live as soon as possible to gain from the current West Side Story success.

  6. Secretary: Update on AGM
    MR is to send notice to the membership. Trustee forms and AGM notice should go live on the website as soon as possible. SW is to speak to AB about proper lighting in the auditorium for the AGM.
    MR wishes to propose two special resolutions on 1) The adoption of President and Vice President into the articles and 2) To form a standing committee. Both resolutions are to be circulated to the board for consideration before the AGM. It was agreed that the bar should be open and that snacks should be provided during the AGM.

  7. Vice Chair: Report
    An identified leak in the roof is being repaired. SW is coordinating technician contract and appraisal details with HR consultant.

  8. Artistic Director
    Production discussion of History Boys and Last Five Years. Warwick University Drama Society has another positive production in the studio and we look forward to hosting their next project. Discussions are still continuing re House and Garden staging in the Spencer Yard courtyard space.

    There was discussion about staging an extra matinee performance of WSS on 15/12/12. It was agreed that no decision would be taken until the show had opened or had sold out in advance of that.

  9. AOB

    1. Projector – Providing that the technical team can confirm that option 2 of the projector proposal can be successfully installed and meets the operating functionality required for future use of projection, the board agreed to a £4,500 spend for a short-throw lens projector and the required lap-top, fixings, cables and software.
    2. History Boys incident – following the altercation between two audience members that occurred during the HB performance on Saturday 27th October the board have been advised by the police not to act. The board agreed to follow this advice and wait for any outcome.
    3. Disabled Seats – disabled seats will be sold if still available on the Monday before opening night and a note advising they are temporary seats will be made clear.
    4. Minutes – Minutes since the 21st April should be uploaded to the website
    5. Christmas Decoration – The board agreed to purchase two Christmas trees and some garlands for decorating the theatre during West Side Story. SW to organise.

  10. Date of Next Board Meeting TBC

Other minutes available

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Updated: 30 November 2012