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News: Auditions

Updated: 23 April 2015

The dates of the next open auditions are yet to be decided. Details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Casting policy

Loft Theatre Company productions are cast by means of auditions open to all active members plus non-members (provided they agree to join as members before commencement of rehearsal, if cast).

Directors are free to contact whomsoever they wish in advance of an audition to invite them to read alongside others for a specific role, but any pre-casting must be done openly and must be approved by the Artistic Management in advance.

All casting considerations will be discussed between directors and members of the Artistic Management. Casting decisions will be notified to all those who attended the audition(s), and cast lists will be posted on the website.

Three Sisters
by Anton Chekhov

Director: David Fletcher
Production dates: 24–31 October 2015 (main house)

Initial auditions have taken place for this production and the casting process is ongoing. Here is a reminder of the essential details including a character breakdown.

This is one of the greatest plays in world drama and it has not been performed at the Loft for almost 40 years. The extraordinary impact of this profound play rests on the depth and richness of Chekhov’s characters, including some of the most rewarding and challenging roles for younger women.

Director David Fletcher will be adapting the English text of the play from the free translation available here.

The main rehearsal period will be the usual length and will begin in early September. However, as the great Chekhov plays need longer preparation, there will be individual and group sessions over the summer which will focus on the text and the characters. These sessions can be scheduled around the cast’s availabilities.


  • Vershinin – the battery commander, newly arrived in town; ‘the lovesick Major’; mid 40s
  • Chebutykin – an army doctor in his 60s; ‘a lonely, insignificant old man’
  • Ferapont – an ‘old’ porter
  • Anfisa – the nurse, an old woman in her 80s.

All the other characters are probably aged between 20 and 35. For example, we know Irina is 20 in Act One and that Olga and the Baron are in their early thirties in Act Three, three years later. There is room for flexibility on the ages, but it is unlikely that any of these roles could credibly be played by anyone over 40 (unless you have a portrait in the attic!).

  • Olga, Masha and Irina – the Three Sisters
  • Andrey – their brother; ‘Where is my past life, oh what has become of it?’
  • Natasha – his fiancée, afterwards his wife; ‘thoroughly vulgar’
  • Kulygin – high-school teacher, husband of Masha; ‘the kindest of men, but hardly the wisest’
  • Baron Tuzenbakh – ‘not all that good-looking, but a fine, decent man’
  • Solyony – a captain; ‘an odd specimen’
  • Fedotik and Rode – two young officers.

For further information, please contact the director, David Fletcher, on 07974 108883 or DavidFletcher@loft-theatre.co.uk.

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Updated: 23 April 2015