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The people listed below have acted or directed for the Loft Theatre Company within the past ten years. Click on an individual’s name to view a detailed profile.

(Currently viewing all actors – click to view females only or males only.)


Eric F Abbott
Tomás Hernández Alemán
Romy Alexander
James Allan
Gez Amadeo
Jessica Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Elinor Andrew
Helen Ashbourne
Rita Ashman
Paul Atkins
Ron Austin


Peter Bagley
Connor Bailey
Richard Baker  (moved away)
Mirelle Ball
Denise Barham
Michael Barker
Lee Barrow
Katie Batchelor
Stuart Bates
Luke Batsford
Becky Baxter
Katharine Bayley
Andrew Bayliss
Elaina Behl
Jared Behl
Scarlett Behl
Melissa Bellamy  (deceased)
Anne Bennett
Clive Bennett
David Bennett
Geoff Bennett
Sarah Berney
Lucy Bessant
Viki Betts
Michelle Bezant  (moved away)
Michael Bibb
David Biddle  (deceased)
Lee Bojan
Peter Borsada
Sophie Bostock
Lauren Boswell
Bill Bosworth
Margie Bosworth
Cathryn Bowler
Devane Boyd
Paul Boyle
Debbie Bradley
Emmeline Braefield
Matt Bramhall
Emma Branscomb
Margaret Brayshaw
Lynne Brookes
Charlotte Brooks
Elizabeth Brooks
Emily Brooks
Karen Brooks
Peter Brooks
Kate Brough
Ricky Brown
Marc Buckingham  (moved away)
David Burch  (moved away)
Matthew Burke
Niamh Burke
Ben Burman
Chris Byrne
Dan Byrne


Rowen Cameron
Dani Carbery  (moved away)
Sophia Cardellino
Fiona Carr
Lee Carruthers
Ruth Carter
Lindsay Cary
Christiana Caves
Zoe Chamberlain
Ben Chase
Rod Chaytor
Kelsey Checklin
Elys Christou
James Claridge  (moved away)
Jess Clarke
Laura Clarke
Trev Clarke
Bethany Cleasby
Eva Clifford
Lisa Clifford
Michael Coad
Laura Codd
Thomas Codd
Greg Cole
Sally Collier
Tim Collier
Angie Collins
Alex Comer
Richard Comer
Vanessa Comer
Liz Compton
Mike Connell
Katie Constable
Bob Cooper
Christine Cooper
Emma Cooper
Joel Cooper
Richard Copperwaite
Maia Corbett
Tom Corsi
Chris Cortopassi
John Corvin  (deceased)
Simon Cotter
Dawn Coulson
Matt Cox
Sarah Cox
Flossie Crawshaw
Katherine Crawshaw
Mike Crawshaw
Nikki Cross
Dave Crossfield
Mark Crossley
Seamus Crowe
Spencer Cummins
Louise Cunliffe
Rob Curtis  (moved away)
Charlotte Cusdin


Elspeth Dales
Samantha Dart
Carole Davies
Jo Davies
Bill Davis
Mike Davis
Beth Dawson
John Dawson
Nicholas de Bruyne
Anne Dickinson
Karl Dixon
Tony Dixon
Christopher Dobson
Kate Dolan
Julia Donoghue
Roy Donoghue
Nick Doughlin
Nathan Dowling
David Draper
Robert Duncombe
Esther Dunn
Morinsola Duntoye
Sophie Dyke


Lauren Eales
Freya East
Martin Eggleston
Tom Ellis
Jon Elves
Richard Ely
Brian Emeney
Victoria Emms
Charles Engwell
Clive Engwell
Jasmine Etheridge
Alastair Evans
Christine Evans
Danny Evans
Kathy Evans
Monica Evans


Zoë Faithfull
Hannah Farquharson
Lucy Farrington-Smith
Julie Feeley
John Fenner
Alex Ferguson
Judy Ferguson
Bryan Ferriman
Samantha Ferry
Chris Firth
Jamie Firth
David Fletcher
Glynis Fletcher
Helen Fletcher
Matt Flint
Frances Foley
Edwin Ford
Liam Forde
Dale Forder
Jade Alice Forrester
Morgan Forth
Tom Foster
Jon Foulds
Helen Fox
William Francis
Alex Freeborn
Elaine Freeborn


Rebecca Gardner
Tom Garner
Kristen Gasser
Dawn Gazey-Lewis
Chris Gilbey-Smith
Douglas Gilbey-Smith
Edward Gildea
Pete Gillam
Amanda Glanville
Sean Glock
Dom Glynn
Julie Godfrey
James Godwin
Jeremy Goldthorp
Dan Gough
Jeremy Gough
Daniel Green
Martin Green  (moved away)
Anne-Marie Greene
Charlotte Gregory
Ron Grey
Doug Griffiths
Edward Griffiths
Lorna Griffiths
Juliet Grundy


Harriet Hall
Amy Hamilton
Bill Hamilton
Sophie Hamilton
Michael Hammond
Joni Hamshire
David Hankins
Roger Harding
Bob Harper
Penny Harper
Jason Harris
Sam Harris
Darcy Harrison
Scott Harrison
Darren Harrop
Charlie Hartwell
John Hathaway
Jason Havard
Rachel Havard
Daniel Hawthorne
Lucy Hayton
Kerry Hazlewood
Ruth Herd
Pete Herring
Amy Heynes
Freddie Heynes
George Heynes
Jeremy Heynes
Ann Hobday
Karl Hobley
Vicki Hollings
Peter Holman
Alex Holmes
Gennie Holmes
Tony Homer
Chloe Hood
Sue Horner
Anne Houston
Sam Houston
Jonathan Howes
Sarah Huddlestone
Chris Hudson
Margaret Hughes
Mark Hughes
Sally Hughes


Christine Ingall
Rory Irving
Kevin Isaac
Chris Ives
Mick Ives


Luke Jackson Miller
Nicolas James
Tracy James
Katie Jeromson
Mike Jewkes
Rachel Johns
Rachel Ann Johns
Alistair Jolliffe
Sally Jolliffe
Oli Jones
Richard Jones
Sophie Jones
Tim Jones
Toby Jones
André Jutel


Amy Kakoura
Mary Kalunga-Eade
Grace Kaye
Sean Keane
Keith Keer
Marian Kemmer
Maddy Kerr
Martin Kinoulty
Nick Knibb
Francis Kwateng
Sarah Kyffin


Izzy Lambert
Jen Laurie
Jill Laurie
Steven Laurie
Craig Lawrence
Stuart Lawson
Lynda Le Long
Jeff Leach
Chris Lee
Indigo LeFevre
Tim Leggatt
Mark Lemmon
Lily Levin
Chris Lewis
Gary Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Lynda Lewis
Jackie-Lee Lilwall
Emma Litterick
Alex Lockey
Lissy Loft
Alisha Long
Ellie Long
Indianna Long
Darren Love
David Lowe


Andy MacCallum
Ruth MacCallum
Cait MacDonald  (moved away)
Gus MacDonald
Mary MacDonald
Erica Mackay
Alexandra Mackie
Danny Mackie
Michelle MacLeod
Tashinga Mamgurenge
Toby Manning
Anton Marks
Angela Masters
Lucy Maxwell
Maggie Mayo
Des McCann
Dani McCarthy
Wez McCarthy
Jayne McCartney
Charlotte McClay
Libby McKay
Gillian McKenna
Harry Mckinty
Carly McPhillips
Chris Mead
David Mears
Ed Mears
Clara Mendez
Pete Meredith
Joanna Middleton
Crystal Milburn
Wendy C Miller
Leila Mimmack
Zoe Mobberley
Neil Monro-Davies  (deceased)
Richard Moore
Sue Moore
Matt Moran
Neil Morgan
Dawn Morris
Emily Morris
Wendy Morris
Christie Mountford
Holly Mowbray-Brown
James Mulcrone
Ann Mulraine
Judy Murdoch
Daniel Murray


Ashley Nanton
Roxanne Nanton
Richard Nelhams
Rachel Newey
Richard Nield  (moved away)
Jessica Noonan
Pollyanna Noonan


Tracey O’Callaghan
Ciaran O’Connor
Tom O’Connor  (moved away)
Tom O’Connor Jr
Kirstin O’Loughlin
Patrick O’Reilly
Sian-Marie O’Reilly
Chris Old
Midori Onhara
Chloe Orrock
Erin Osgood


Ian Palmer
Ed Parkes
Emma Perry
David Perryman
Penelope Peters
David Peto  (moved away)
Hannah Phelvin
Richard Phillips
Nick Pike
Joshua Pink
David Pinner
Montana Leigh Plantier
Mark Plastow
Graham Pollard
Jonathan Pollard
Aimee Poote
Alex Powell
Kirstie Price-Jones
Mark Pritchard
Jimmy Proctor
Catherine Prout
Molly Putnam


Phil Quinn


Keith Railton
Lucy Randall
Mark Randall
Sue Randall
Julie-Ann Randell
Darrell Rankin  (deceased)
Jamie Ratibb  (moved away)
Rachel Ratibb  (moved away)
Michael Rayns
Natalie Read
Betty Reading
Eric Reaves
Natasha Reilly
Deb Relton-Elves
Phil Reynolds
Jayde Richards
Joanne Richards
Stephen Richmond
Esther Riggs
Carol Roache
Gordon Robbins
Mark Roberts
Kenny Robinson
Treena Robinson
Beci Robson
Alexander Rogers
Samantha Rooke
Andy Roughton
Fiona Rudge


Naomi Said
Cristina Salceanu
Andrew Salmond
Sarah Sambrook
Harry Sanders
Kaz Sangha
Emma Sansom
Jack Sargent
Tiffany Sauvage
Kate Sawyer
Darren Scott
Natasha Scott-Morgan
Michael Seeley  (moved away)
James Seymour-Grant
Gareth Shapland
Karen Shayler
Jamie Sheerman
Craig Shelton
Yasmine Shilton
Graham Shurvinton
Billy Simmons
Laura Simmons
Lesley Simms
Harry Sinclair-Waugh
Peter Sizer
Tim Skeath
Jaqui Smith
John Smith  (deceased)
Llinos Smith
Maurice Smith  (moved away)
Rob Smith
Steve Smith
Jolyon Snell
Rebecca Soley
Hugh Sorrill
Ash Spall
Calum Speed
Emmie Spencer
Kate Squires
Ryan Stanley
Lynsey Sterrey
Chris Stokoe
Robin Stokoe
Luke Stone
Rod Stone
Freddie Stuart-Baker
Emily Stuttard
Dawn Suckling
Martha Sullivan
Francesca Sundquist
Matt Sutherland
CeCe Sutton


Richard Taggart
Adam Talbot
Carly Taylor
Phillipa Teasdale
Ruth Tebby
David Tennyson
Richard Terry
Julian Thomas
Pauline Thomas
Trevor Thomas
Alex Thompson
Gemma Thomson
Kate Thorogood
Michael Tildesley
Mark Tolchard
Rachel Tompkins
Emmanuel Toutoungi
Richmal Treanor
Emily Tuff
Claire Tyler
Andrew Tyrer
Heather Tyrrell


Neil Vallance
Gordon Vallins
Emma Varney
Jason Ventress
Paul Vickers
Leanne Villiers


Alex Waldram
Alan Wales
Howard Scott Walker
Kirsteen Walker
Leigh Walker
Susi Walker
Helen Wall
Maureen Wanless
George Want
Jo-Anne Ward
Peter Ward
James Warren
Kath Waters
Stuart Waterworth  (moved away)
Alison Watson
Jon Watson
Ron Webb
Oscar Webster
Benjamin Wellicome
Judy Wellicome
Gareth Wheeler
Gavin Whichello
Lee White
Vicky Whitehill
Pat Whorton
Rod Wilkinson
Sue Wilkinson
William Wilkinson
Ann Williams
Emma Williams
Joe Williams  (deceased)
Zak Williams
Kate Willis
Tim Willis
Kate Wilson
Phillipa Wilson
Rayner Wilson
John Withers
Hannah Wollaston
Jo Wollington
James Wolstenholme
Anne Wood
Louise Woodward
Ross Woodward
Elizabeth Woolley
Nathan Woolley
Rob Wootton
Sean Worrall  (moved away)
Beth Wyatt
Daniel Wye
David Wynne


Kathleen Yeates
Alison York
Neil Young


  • Some current acting members of the Company may not appear in the above list, particularly if they have not appeared in a main house show since 2000. This should not be taken to indicate their lack of willingness to be cast in future productions! Actors who would like to be included are asked to contact the webmaster.

  • Conversely, some of those whose names do appear are no longer available for casting, for example those who have left the area or are deceased. Such cases are noted where this information is known.

  • Inclusion in the list should not be taken as an indication that an actor is a currently paid up member of the Loft Theatre Company.

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